A few words on The Jeep Girls

When did you start blogging?

Blogging came to us, and we embraced this new media in 2010. We started blogging for the Jeep brand unofficially while we were sharing our adventures on the road with our friends. With our joined history in network news, our newsy packages interviewing colorful characters across the United States transitioned into more of a lifestyle oriented roadmap of how corporate travelers could seek out a one of a kind experience on the road. In 2014, our writing shifted towards what is now “The Jeep Girls” as we got emails asking about devising more structured programs for both businesses and individuals. From a young age we have together enjoyed travel and style, history and events.

Where did your blog name come from? 

The Jeep Girls began as a call sign from friends in the Jeep accessory world. Likely, this is best explained as if we would attend an event, then meet these people again in an entirely new environment, it was hard for our new friends to remember each of our names! The name has stuck, and if you call out to us, we promise to always answer with a smile on our face and introduce to you which of us is Ashley or Brittany.

How do you earn a living?

We make money on The Jeep Girls blog by sponsored content and affiliates. If we are ever supported on this site or through our social media monetarily or otherwise, we will disclose this information within the post by denoting that it is “sponsored.” Gifted products will be denoted with c/o (care of).

With a nod to affiliate programs, this means that if you click or make a purchase on my site or related social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), we could make a commission.

We are lucky to have the opportunity to work with brands we love to tell their story. Over time we have learned we are only as good as our word, therefore, we make an effort to be selective in choosing what we publish here. If we absolutely don’t like it, we refuse to say anything bad, we just won’t say anything at all. We are positive people. We do say no and turn down tempting positions because it doesn’t fit with the honesty of who we have worked hard to be. We’re family friendly, we do not post anything religiously, politically or personally offensive. It’s important for us to only show products that fit our life and style.

Is blogging your full time jobs?

In 2014, we made the jump. Even with years of blogging part time, we did not always know what we were doing. We have learned that “blogging” and “self employed” means you only get what you put in. That is an all-around statement. How can we expect you to read, support, or follow us if we don’t dedicate as much time and energy?

Running a Content Management System has put all of our skills to the test. There is plenty of work to be done daily. On a good day/routine we get up together at six, take the dogs and hit the gym so that by nine we’re dressed and showered to respond to emails, then write, produce, edit, photograph and debrief on campaigns. The secondary level includes social media, travel plans, collaboration, legal and financial duties. There are two of us, and often times as we present our work, we have to remind ourselves, and our partners of that! It’s a bright world however, and we hope that you are curious about the life of a full-time blogger that you reach out. We would be more than happy to answer your questions at hello@thejeepgirls.com

Who takes your photos? Brittany takes most. She has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a concentration in photography and visual ethnography. (Ashley has a degree in human communications).