Hi There! Thank you so much for taking the time to find yourself here, on The Jeep Girls’ blog, we’re sisters, who are currently splitting our professional and personal time between Chicago and Phoenix. We’re besties, sisters, strong women behind two talented men, and we’ve packed our suitcases with a dynamic skill set and education and took to turning our passions into our capstone as well as our crucible! When we’re not working on blogging, you can find us at the gym, teaching our Pomeranians puppies party tricks, or packing and unpacking from a great adventure! Aren’t they all?

The Jeep Girls blog is our creative outlet for travel and style inspiration that is attainable for every woman or man. For Ashley, moving out West at a young age began her love affair of dressing for every occasion. We also share advice on roadside manners! Deep down inside what we aim to do is lead by example as role models to create your own sense of freedom, whether this be from your routine or as you embark upon the greatest leap of your life!

We hope that you leave our blog (and come back again and again) with a bit of inspiration to start your days early and with a smile on your face. You don’t have to quit your day job like we did to travel, embrace style, or make a change. YOU create you. Make your own deductions from what we have to offer, and make it work for you!


Ash & Brit