A note about The Jeep Girls Blog

Welcome to our new space!

Thank you for joining us here at The Jeep Girls Blog.

If you have been with us for a while, you have noticed that we have evolved in terms of personal style as well as the tools that we use. For that reason, we are dedicating a separate website exclusively to blogging for The Jeep Girls.


The Jeep Girls began as an outlet to express our natural inclination to travel and learn about our environment.

As with others that have made the jump to full-time blogging, it was never intended to become a career, especially one that led us away from our day-jobs. The road to where we are has not been an easy one all of the time. Of course it was an evolution and quite liberating, but operating as a content management system of value for both our readers and our creative partners requires full-time attention. Although we still view traditional blogging as only a portion of the puzzle (we also rely on all of our pre and post production skills we’ve learned in the field), “putting the words on the page” as one of our old mentors told us is most important.


You can expect to hear from us quite a bit right here at The Jeep Girls Blog. Everything else will remain the same. We’ll share lifestyle info. on social, our upcoming projects on The Jeep Girls, we’ll be at events, and we’re the same silly gals. With all of that said, if you would like to see more of anything, please leave us a comment. We would love to hear from you, and read all of your suggestions!

Brittany is an award winning fine art photographer and internationally published writer who is more than busy, and happy, putting her skills to work on TheJeepGirls and TheJeepGirlsBlog with her little sister. She never thought that she would be managing a blog biz, but if she admits it, she has been “blogging” for 15+ years through internet platforms. She loves learning about neurolinguistic programming, is a voracious reader, sometimes sappy romantic fiction, and works best on deadline. Her best buddy is her white Pomeranian, Glacier, but her family and her boyfriend make her world possible. She feels at home in Spandex with sparkling water, and a 1lb. bag of baby carrots beside her and her furry friend.


  1. Really excited about tis new site!!

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