Brunch & Oak Brook Polo

Best Kept Secrets of the Suburbs!

Although we love Chicago, Brittany and I grew up in the
suburbs, and it will always have that sense of “home” for us!  We love
the ease of parking and all that the suburbs have to offer! We’ve
found that there are some secret places to visit, but we’re here to
share all of our secrets with you!

Photo courtesy: Tom Reinarcher

 Sunday Brunch at The Clubhouse in Oak Brook

Sunday Brunch:
10 AM-2 PM
Adults: $33.95
Children 6-12: $13
Children under 5: Free
Drink Specials:
Champagne & Mimosa: $4
Champagne Cocktails: $5
Blood Mary’s: $6
There are so many options to choose from!  We started with the Egg
Benedict and then headed to the made-to-order omelet section!  If
you’re lucky, Omar will flip your omelet in slow-motion for you!  The
omelets were incredible!  Omar filled it with lots of cheese, and it
tasted really good!  I also tried the prime rib from the carving
station (turkey also).
After that, we tried the crab legs, oysters, and shrimp from the
seafood section.  Brittany and I also tried the mac & cheese, chicken
tenders, and PB&J tea party sized sandwiches!
They also had chicken parmesan, Chicken Piccata, a few different
pasta, and a large cold salad section.
After we tried a variety of amazing things, we sampled the Crème
Brulee (it’s out of this world!)  and chocolate mousse cake with a cup
of Lavazza coffee (which is also included in the brunch price).
Before we left, we dipped strawberries, marshmallows, and Rice Krispy
treats into the chocolate fountain!
I wish I was able to sample everything!  But we will just have to go
back and visit again!
We even joined the Clubhouse Valued  Member program!  There’s really no
reason not to join!  It cost $20, but  your Clubhouse Rewards Card is loaded with
 $25.  (So you get a bonus $5 just by signing up).
The real bonus is that twice a year, (your birthday month, and the
anniversary month when you opened the card) you get $50 off when you
spend $75.  Also, Sunday is double point day, meaning you get 2 points
for every $1 you spend.
It’s worth it alone if you visit again during your birthday month,
and take a friend to Sunday Brunch!
We had such a fun time at brunch!  The food was so good, and the
service was wonderful!  Every time we left our table, our waiter Frank
would give us new napkins!  We could not be more satisfied with the
experience, so much that we are planning on when we can go again!
The second Clubhouse Restaurant opened about 8 months
ago in Schaumburg, IL.  We have yet to visit, although they also offer
the fabulous Sunday Brunch!

Attend a Match at Oak Brook Polo Club

Brittany went to her first match in 1986, when Prince Charles came to
Oak Brook to play polo!
It has really been a family tradition ever since!  Our mom loved going
to the matches, and she reminded us when we came back to town!  She
said, “There’s polo this Sunday!”
Luckily I’ve been collecting a variety of fascinators over the last few months!
Polo is such a fun way to spend Sunday afternoon.  It’s a fun and
relaxed environment, where you  get dressed up,
meet new people, and watch this really fun and fast paced game on
Announcer Rob Wilkinson likes to describe polo as “hockey on
horseback”!  It’s a blast to watch!  These players
maneuver their horses and do quick stops and turns and hit the ball
all at the same time!  We’re super impressed with their ability to
For more of our polo experience, check out our fun interview series on
Instagram @TheJeepGirls
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Perfect Days: Colorado

How Do The Jeep Girls Spend A Few Days Off?

Best of CO 19 Red Cliff

The Green Bridge Inn is only 16 miles from Vail, but is another world! Red Cliff, CO is worth the drive.

 Colorado’s Mountain Towns

The skies are blue, the mountains are green, and everyone that you
meet in Colorado is truly living in a dream!


Las Vegas 1Seven Magic Mountains

Road Tripping from Phoenix-Colorado with The Jeep Girls + friends! First stop, The Seven Magic Mountains in Clark County, Nevada.

The beginning of our week started with a road trip to Las Vegas for
the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Committee Meeting.  After
packing up our Jeep Commander with all of our favorite things,
Brittany and I pulled out our atlas (thank you, mom, for making sure
that every one of our Jeeps has an atlas, it has really come in handy
the past month) and decided that it would be much more fun to drive to
Our White Jeep Commander has been our ultimate overland vehicle
over the past couple months.  It’s the largest Jeep, it has plenty of
cargo room, and it has been very fuel efficient since we put on brand
been averaging between 18-19MPG.  That’s a big deal because we use to
get 14-16 MPG when we would drive between San Diego and Phoenix.
After we returned home from Phoenix, we unloaded our Commander from
our adventure in Las Vegas filled it with fuel and took our Wrangler
to pick up Fred from the airport.
Fred loves driving, so we knew the three of us would have a fun time
together!  After taking Jeep guru Rick Pewe’s advice to see some new
terrain and avoid the I-17, we decided to travel through Payson, AZ on the
Beeline.  (The last time Brittany and I took the I-17 home from
Overland Expo, the highway was closed, we slept on the side of the
road, and made it home 9 hours later),
Over the years, I’ve really grown to love road trips. The road is
open, you can stop when you want, you never know what might happen,
and there are things that you will discover only in a Jeep!
Best of CO 68 Holbrook

Road tripping with friends means the Jeep stops frequently. This stop on AZ RTE 87, The Beeline brought Ashley and Fred to inspect a ’69 Jeepster Commando for sale on the side of the road.Fred and Ashley evaluated the pros and cons of the exterior condition of this relic.

I’ve been on a quest to find a red Jeepster Commando, and we randomly
discovered one for sale on the side of the road.  I’m not sure this is
the one for me, but its things like this that continue to inspire me
to dream more, make my goal list longer, and to explore all of the
amazing things around me!
Best of CO 69 Holbrook

The Wigwam Village Motel in Holbrook, AZ on historic Route 66 is worth a stop to walk around.

Within a few hours, we were in Holbrook, Arizona.  We saw the iconic
Wigwam Motel in the distance, and just had to stop!  Brittany and I
have read about this historic property before we moved out West.  We
were so excited to see these tee-pee like rooms!  Each room has a cool
vintage car parked out front.  It is definitely worth checking out!


  • Watch out for wild turkeys
  • Always stop to look at cool cars (you never know what you’ll find)
  • Bring plenty of gallons of water
  • Bring sweet treats for your fellow co-pilots
Best of CO 11 Grand Junction
We stayed the night at The Residence Inn, Grand Junction.  After 12
hours together in the Commander, we were so excited to have our own
rooms and stretch out.  The Residence Inn in Grand Junction is
beautiful!  It is conveniently located right off the highway and near
the Grand Junction airport.  The rooms are huge and every room has a
stove, microwave, and a full-size refrigerator. Brittany and I were
bummed we missed the social hour and the opportunity to use the stove.
(We love having the opportunity to cook our own food when we travel
across America.)
 Best of CO 12 Grand Junction
I slept so well at The Residence Inn! As soon as I woke up I was lured
by the smell of bacon and headed straight to the complimentary hot
breakfast.  (And yes! The bacon was as good as it smelled!)  They had
so many breakfast options.  I had a banana with peanut butter, oatmeal
with cranberries, almonds, and raisins topped with cinnamon and a
bagel with bacon and cheddar cheese.
I made a sandwich for Brit and Fred and we made a beeline for
Leadville. (It takes 3 hours to get from Grand Junction to Leadville).
The drive is out of this world!  There’s even a Costco in Eagle, which
is always my favorite place to stop for fuel!
Best of CO 73 Leadville
Arriving in Leadville just in time, Brittany ran to get our tickets
Through The Rockies, and Fred stopped for a cappuccino at City on a
Hill in downtown Leadville.  We hopped in an open air car of the train
and headed into the mountains.  The views were simply magnificent!
The narrator on the train shared the history of Leadville and pointed
out scenic points of interest.  The two and a half hour scenic train
ride was the best way to kick-off our Rocky Mountain Adventure!
 Best of CO 74 Leadville
Donna Childress from Visit Leadville greeted us as we walked off the
train and took us back to City on a Hill for afternoon cappuccinos.
They have a great selection of pastries, coffees, and sandwiches.
Donna shared her love of Leadville and her story of how she moved from
D.C. to Colorado after being inspired by the charm of the Rockies.
Donna has such a calmness about her.  She definitely set the
the tone for our visit to Leadville!
After we expressed our love of history, she suggested visiting The
National Mining Museum, which includes The National Mining Hall of Fame and
checking out the historic Delaware Hotel.
 Best of CO 26 Vail
After dinner in Leadville with Brittany and Harry, Fred and I headed
to the quaint town of Red Cliff.  The 45-minute drive from Leadville
to The Green Bridge Inn was spectacular! We stopped to watch the moon
rise over the mountains and the deer scamper across the valley floor.
Once we drove under the giant green bridge, we knew we must be close
to The Green Bridge Inn, our home base for the next two evenings.
 Best of CO 22 Red Cliff
We loved the charm of The Green Bridge Inn and the warm welcome from
Mallory!  Fred and I shared a beer as we took photos of the moon from
the balcony.  The room had a fun warm and cozy cabin-like feel with
beautiful views of the mountains!  It was one of our favorite places
on our journey through Colorado’s Rocky Mountains!  We can’t wait to
come back to Red Cliff and go to Mango’s Mountain Grill!
Best of CO 24 Leadville
The next morning, we woke up and headed straight to The National
Mining Museum in Leadville. Parker at the museum gave us a great run
down of the building (which used to be a public school) and introduced
us to Steve, the director of the museum.  We had a fun time learning
about the region, the mines, and the beautiful rocks!  Brittany even
had the opportunity to head up to The Matchless Mine with Steve.
After going to National Mining Museum, we met up with Donna and her
friend Tom for a private tour of The Delaware Hotel with Rodger and
Kitt.  We’ve read about The Delaware Hotel, and couldn’t wait to hear
about more of the property’s history from Kitt, the owner of the
 Best of CO 25 Leadville
Kitt has such a vibrant and fun personality!  He can light up a room
with his excitement and enthusiasm!  His stories about the past and
the personality of The Delaware really bring life and character to the
property.  The hotel has the coolest furniture and apparel items from
the Victorian Era. We left the hotel with excitement to plan our next
trip back to Leadville.  All weekend, Fred kept saying, “We should
stay at The Delaware!”  “When can we stay at The Delaware?”  So we
will be scheduling a trip to The Delaware in the very near future!  If
you’re in the area, be sure to check out their ghost and cemetery tour
Best of CO 3 Vail
Our next adventure took us to The Sebastian Vail! With a number of
accolades, this year the hotel is U.S. News & World Report #1 Best
Colorado Resort.  Opening in January 2011, the hotel is Vail’s newest
boutique hotel that has also been known for their exceptional
customer service.  The property has 84 luxury hotel rooms, 16 suites,
and 36-  Private Residence Club.
As soon as we pulled into the valet, we were warmly greeted by Kevin.
He has the biggest and brightest smile and such a jovial demeanor!  He
took the time to ask us where we were traveling in from and was intrigued
by our ARB fridge freezer, a true road trip essential!
As soon as I checked in, I had the opportunity to chat with Adabel
about her stylish apparel.  The staff’s ability to take a minute to
have a real conversation is so refreshing!
 Best of CO 29 Vail
I dropped my bags in the room and headed straight to the hotel’s Frost
Bar to meet with Meredith.  She is such a wonderful representation of
The Sebastian Vail.  She believes in what she does, she knows the area
like the back of her hand, and she even drives a manual TJ Jeep
Wrangler.  I had such a great time sharing stories with her about all
that Vail has to offer!
The Frost Bar is so quaint and fun!  The glass above the bar was hand
blown in Seattle, WA by Scott Chambers Glass to represent the icicles
and “frost” like appearance.  The cocktails are even more fun,
delicious, sophisticated, and creative!
The attention to detail at The Sebastian is incredible! I enjoyed
wandering through the hotel admiring all of the art.  One of our
favorite places in the hotel was definitely the library.  I loved the
morning coffee that was set up.  Fred and I had a blast playing chess,
relaxing and checking out the books.
 Best of CO 27 Vail
Our room was so spacious and comfortable.  Fred and I enjoyed all of
the hotel amenities.  We enjoyed drinking the delicious in-room
Nespresso in the cute little cups lounging in our cozy robes and
slippers after a busy day on the mountain.
We brought the trail mix from the room with us as we explored The
GoPro Games on Saturday.  It was so fun to be in the epicenter of such
a big event! The Sebastian is situated right in the heart of Vail.
There are so many restaurants to explore!  We met Brittany and Harry
for brunch at Vintage right outside the hotel.  It was really nice to
valet the Commander and have everything within a short walk.
 Best of CO 6 Vail
We took the chairlift up the mountain in Beaver Creek and enjoyed the
views from the top of the mountain for the opening weekend of the
Centennial Express Lift.  Tickets are available at the Beaver Creek
Summer Adventure Center, which is open from 9-4:30 pm.  The views of
the Gore Mountain Range from 11,000 feet are out of this world! After
a full day of exploration, we ran back to the room at The Sebastian in
anticipation of the cookies left on our nightstand.
Our time in Vail was so fast!  I put a list together of my favorite
things from the hotel.
5 Favorite Things at The Sebastian Vail
  • The staff will know you by name and treat you like family!
  • The Nespresso in the room is amazing!
  • The trail mix is complimentary!
  • Turn down service means there will be nightly cookies on your nightstand!
  • The Library is the best place to relax and pick up a book!
As our team has expanded, “The Jeep Girls & Friends” Brittany and I
have realized that we can explore two different areas, and meet in the
middle!  Brittany and Harry left Leadville and headed through Aspen on
their way to Glenwood Springs.
Fred and I had a late start and headed straight to Glenwood Springs
from Vail.  The four of us met at The Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.
We took The Iron Mountain Tramway up (fully enclosed gondolas), and
our first stop was The Fairy Cave Tour.  We learned about the
discovery of the caves, and the kisses from the fairies that is
actually a sign of good luck!  The 40-minute cave tour will take you
on a unique adventure exploring cave bacon and cave cauliflower!
After going through the cave, we headed down the mountain on The
Alpine Coaster, which is actually the first coaster of its kind in the
US.  We love this ride because you have control of how fast you
breeze down 3400 feet of the mountain. We also rode the Glenwood
Canyon Flyer (swings) that provide breathtaking  (or hold your breath)
views of the mountain.
Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park has a little something for everyone.
The Iron Mountain Tramway alone is worth riding for the amazing views
of Glenwood Springs!
Best of CO 58 Colorado Glenwood
After our afternoon at The Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, we headed
to The Iron Mountain Hot Springs.  Fred and I went after dinner, so
the evening air temperature was perfect. Harry and Brittany went
around noon, and they said it was very hot outside.  Fred and I
enjoyed the variety of different pools, as they all have different
temperatures. There are 16 natural mineral hot soaking pools and a
family pool with a jetted spa located alongside The Colorado River.
We felt most comfortable in the 105-degree pool.  I could literally
feel my body relax in the springs.  I knew I would sleep really good
after soaking in the springs.  It was the perfect ending for our Rocky
Mountain adventure!
Things you should know when visiting the springs
  • Day pass costs $25
  • Hours 9am-10pm
  • The lockers are complimentary (you set your own code, so you don’t
  • need to bring your key with you in the Springs)
  • Bring a towel with you, or you can rent one for $3
  • The showers are awesome (each shower has shampoo, shower gel & conditioner)
  • The locker room also has hair dryers
  • There are complimentary bags for your wet suit
  • Bring a water bottle to keep hydrated while soaking (filtered water
  • cooler is in the locker room)
We had the best time in Colorado!  The four of us are already planning
our next adventure to The Rockies!  There is SO MUCH more to explore!
Until next time,
We’ll see you out there!
Ashley & Brittany
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Perfect Days Getaways: Moab, Utah

Road Trip to Moab, Utah from Phoenix, Arizona

Visitors from all over the globe have discovered this secret spot in the middle of nowhere. No need to request time off or travel the globe, you can make your weekend a little more exciting with this amazing getaway to Moab, Utah.

road trip

For adventure travel, Moab is a must.
Photo credit: Harry Wagner

Moab is the place where dreams come true. Sorry Disney, you’re nice, but the stars are aligned here, and you can see them! We love Moab for countless reasons, which we have acquired over years of annual visits.


Once a year we drive 467 miles from Phoenix, AZ to Moab, UT. Before our road trips, we take our vehicles through a through inspection by a professional. You can read about how we prepared our Jeep Commander in our accompanying post, Preparing Your Vehicle. Once ready, we packed the car with things we love and took towards the road to Moab.

Departing from Phoenix Sky Harbor, this capitol city’s major airport, and the city center, we drove up I-17 North towards Flagstaff, Arizona. This major northern city is an alpine gateway to Arizona’s San Francisco Peaks and located at the crossroads that can lead you towards Barstow, CA, Albuquerque, NM or of course, Moab, UT. Once in Flagstaff, our first stop was gas.


The first data we collected on our Road to Moab was a computation of our mileage. This quick assessment is something every driver can do, and great information for your trip notes, so that next time you roughly know your costs and needs.


For the first leg of our drive, (about 2.5 hours) we averaged 19 miles per gallon. Prior to our new tires and vehicle tune-up, our average mile per gallon with the 3.7L V6 motor in our Jeep Commander, ranged between 14-16 miles per gallon. That is over 18% more value per gallon based on a new tires and a tune up!


Here is the step-by-step formula we use to calculate our fuel economy.

  • Set Trip Meter (A or B) to 0
  • Drive until its time to refill the tank (i.e.-165mi)
  • Identify how many gallons were purchased (i.e.-13.5 gal)
  • Divide miles on the trip meter by gallons added to the tank (i.e.165/13.5=12.2 (fuel economy))
  • Reset the trip meter for next calculated distance



Before departing, we took some time to check out an unassuming find. The Little America Hotel is a unique and a historic staple if you’re passing through Flagstaff. Built in the early 1950s, The Little America is one of only four of its kind across the western United States.


Robert Earl Holdings, owned this small hotel chain along with the Sinclair Oil Corporation, hence the presence of fueling stations adjacent to all of the Little America Hotels; a modern oddity. The name Little America is a clever derivative of the famously remote exploration base in Antarctica used for research from the 1930s-1950s. Until the mid-2000s, billboards with arctic imagery peppered the western highways encouraging weary travelers to their oasis-like locations, also known as, The Little America Hotels.

On the Road to Moab, Flagstaff is an ideal stop for most road travelers.

The on-site travel center at the hotel hosts Northern Arizona Tire, which is an authorized dealer of Hercules Tires. The two of us were tickled to find Hercules signage, and we took at as a sign to hit the road!


Saying good-bye to Flagstaff, we headed towards Route 89, which leads east. For the next 5 hours and half hours, it was time to put our Hercules A/T II’s to the test. Navigating from Flagstaff to Moab most directly leads to US-160 E, a stretch of road that offers the iconic imagery of miles of ribbony roadway amongst little else.


Generally, we do our best to drive this portion of The Road to Moab in the daylight with little delay. Rte 89 turns to US-160 E by a small town called Tuba City and is mostly one lane in each direction, devoid of roadway lights.


Remaining near the speed limit, this long portion of our drive gave both of us drivers the chance to test our endurance skills, as well as the dry condition handling of our new tires. Having already noted our gain in fuel economy, our perception going in was positive.

Upgrading to a more aggressive tread initially lead Brittany to reservations that towards our highway experience that would include a gain in road noise. We kept the entertainment system off, and the new equipment was whisper quiet. Satisfied? Check!


When we initially drove off with our new Terra Trac A/T II’s, the feel of the road beneath us was evident, but no more “noisy”. Luckily during this trip we did not experience any real-world need to “panic break” (in our case, the test the vehicle’s power to stop and the length of road needed to slow your vehicle down), we did break quickly for fun, and felt fully confident during our safely demonstrated traction test.


Our objective during our road to Moab was to traverse a road that is well known to us and to do so as safely and efficiently as possible. We experienced some high winds, but no out of the ordinary circumstances.

Enjoy off-road adventuring

With the right equipment, you can get off the beaten path in Moab.

Highway 191 northbound leads right into Moab’s main street, and with that you are ready for adventure!


Once in Moab, we were amped to test the performance of our Jeep Commander on some of the trails, something we had been itching to do for a while. During our adventure to Moab, Jeep Week was in full swing, so we also stopped by the Hercules Tire booth at the vendor show near the end of the week. You can learn more about what we discovered about the Terra Trac A/T II’s unique tread pattern and how that affects wear in our blog on The Jeep Girls Ladies Run.


Below is a bulleted list of our route from Phoenix, AZ-Moab, UT as an example itinerary with notes.


Total drive time: 7h 32m

Total miles: 472 mi

Estimated Fuel Cost: $59.24 (at 19 mpg and $2.44/gal)

  • Begin on I-10 West
  • Merge onto I-17 N at exit 143A
  • Merge onto I-40 E at exit 340A
  • Take exit 201 towards US-89 N
  • Turn right onto US 160 E
  • Turn left onto US 191 N
  • Arrive in Moab


Each year we head to Moab because we love it! If you would like to collaborate on a custom road trip to Moab itinerary, leave us a comment. We have excellent recommendations on roadside stops and overnight stays on your road trip to Moab.

Hercules Terra Trac A/T II c/o.

Drive Like A Lady: Moab, Utah

The Ultimate Off-Road Adventure, No Experience Necessary

A good adventure is one that goes as planned, gets you some pictures and gets back to your desk on schedule. A great adventure however, is one that tests your limits, results in an unforgettable story and has you itching to do it again! If you have ever wanted to drive off-road, we offer the following trail tale to pique your interest in recreational 4×4 driving, in style!

The Ladies Run

Driving like a lady means you have a willingness to have fun, try new things and test your limits.

The first step to getting off-road is go to the source. Moab, Utah essentially invented the sport. If you’re a city dweller, prepared to be awe struck with the miles of unmatched scenery right from the main road. You don’t have to take our word either; Moab is a mere 10-minute drive to Arches National Park and a bit farther to a second National Park, Canyonlands.


So you want to drive over boulders, forget where the pavement begins and ends; maybe impress your friends? You’re going to need a Jeep. Others will do, Toyotas and Land Rovers are formidable options, but these ladies love Jeeps. Most ladies love Jeeps, and after all, we’re here to guide you to drive like a lady and have an adventure!


So Jeeps it is. Jeeps, plural, are the truest statement here as well. Let’s say you made it to Moab in your daily driver but “you got this.” You also “got to get this Jeep” back home in one piece. No trailer, no spare Jeep waiting for you when you bend your frame, you want to have fun, but you’re not foolish!

Stock Jeep Ready Trail: Kane Creek Road

There are trails for every level of experience in Moab. If you have a little clearance from the ground, four-wheel drive and a good all-terrain tire with ample traction, you can get off the pavement in Moab.

Our favorite trail is the road to Kane Creek, which is located just west of the heart of Main Street. Unlike many trails in the area, Kane Creek Road begins at the McDonalds. You can’t miss it! This 13.2-mile trail snakes through Kane Creek Canyon with several water crossings. There is a little bit of everything to see and do on this trail in terms of obstacles, elevation changes, and tricky switches.

Road to Kane Creek, Moab Utah

The Road to Kane Creek in Moab, Utah winds through the Colorado River and offers many water crossings.

Now that you’ve successfully gotten off-road, you’re ready for something with a little challenge. This is where the multiple Jeep part comes in as well. With safety in mind, it’s best to off road with friends!


Two vehicles is the responsible approach to recreational 4×4 driving. In the event that you get hung up, you will always have a recovery vehicle nearby to assist with spotting, winching, or driving you back to town. Secondly, you might want to hop into a Jeep with larger tires and more clearance for a tougher trail than Kane Creek. Luckily in Moab, year round, there are friends and Jeeps available for borrow.

Jeep Rubicon Ready Trail: Fins & Things

We chose Fins & Things for our advanced trail option. We also traded our daily driver Jeep for a brand new Jeep Rubicon, which in its stock form was more than sufficient.

Fins & Things is just over 9 miles long, and east of town but also nearby. Follow signs for the Sand Flats Recreation Area. Upon entering you can opt for a $5.00 daily fee or a $10.00 weekly pass (the fee supports area maintenance, such as trash removal and on-site restrooms, so tread lightly so the usage costs remain low). The views from here are a bit different than the west side of town; you’ll see the snow-capped La Salle Mountain Range in the distance.

Fins and Things Jeep Driving Obstacle

Fins and Things trail travels over slick rock, fins and sand, a diverse sample of driving conditions.

The Jeep Girls Ladies Run

As always, we wouldn’t send you out on a step-by-step off-road adventure without getting out there and conquering these trails ourselves first.

So here goes our personal trail tale!


Once a year Jeeps and Jeep enthusiasts gather in Moab, Utah during a week that is creatively referred to as “Jeep Week.” It’s like summer camp; you see old friends, make new ones and adventure in your Jeep with Jeep friends! This week also gathers influential drivers, historians, critics, and makers all in one place for a few days. Some bring their partners, and along came the bright idea to get the non-drivers behind the wheel!


Girlfriends, wives, pals all switched seats for the day. We drove our Jeep Commander with three other 4x4s in tow to the bottom of Kane Creek Canyon in the morning to gain our sea legs. We knew that if our 2008 Jeep Commander, (which we drove out from Phoenix, Arizona) could successfully do Kane Creek Road, other drivers would immediately gain the confidence to hit a technically challenging trail in the afternoon. What we learned on Kane Creek, is that the key to success on a new road is trusting in your equipment.


Tip: As you descend to the bottom of this canyon, the road transitions into wide switchbacks. The majority of the drive is unpaved, and covered in loose gravel. The key equipment to conquer Kane Creek is a solid set of tires with ample tread life.

We road tripped out to Moab on brand new Hercules Terra Trac A/T II’s, which is a tire created for both highway use and gravel like Kane Creek.

Ready for round two, we met with about a dozen other Jeeps and their teams who were amped to conquer Fins & Things. Ashley, with her partner Fred Williams led the pack with his Ultimate Summer Camp Jeep, (a Willy’s Flat Fender/JK or modern Jeep Wrangler powered by an 8-cylinder motor).


Brittany drove Tony from Detroit in a brand new Jeep Unlimited Rubicon. If you are looking for a great out of the box option that you can drive to work and adventure, this is it. The 3.6L 6 cylinder motor at just under 300 horsepower performs above average off road. What we like about the Jeep Rubicon however is the additional equipment that is included direct from the factory. The Jeep Rubicon is equipped with front and rear locking differentials, an auto sway bar disconnect, a 4:1 crawl ratio and BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM in 32 inch size for the factory 17 inch wheel.

Tip: Aside from the numerous different expressions of this new group of drivers (some scared, some screaming, some ecstatic), having this group of very experienced drivers as guides and spotters really brought it all together.

Aside from the numerous different expressions of this new group of drivers (some scared, some screaming, some ecstatic), having this group of very experienced drivers as guides and spotters really brought it all together.

Ladies Run with their men

The Ladies Run allowed the ladies to jump behind the wheel with the help of very generous and talented coaches and sponsors.

No matter how many times you have conquered the trails, it goes without saying that there will always be room for growth. Confidence without cockiness will have you trying new things and learning about yourself, your vehicle and your co-driver.


Bottom line: If you want to get off the pavement, begin with a willingness to learn, solid equipment and someone you trust. The rest you will learn along the way!


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Hercules Terra Trac A/T II c/o.

The Jeep Girls Go To SEMA Show In LAS VEGAS

A review of the 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Associaton Show
And What To Do After

This year Brittany and I discovered Las Vegas in a different kind of light.  Our trip started out with a series of unexpected treasure hunts.  The voyage to Las Vegas was not an easy one, but that’s part of what makes our adventures so exciting! After we both made it on the airplane, we did an air hi-five and said, “See you in Vegas!”


Once we arrived in the fabulous Las Vegas, we took a quick shower at Lifetime Fitness (when you belong to a gym, it’s important to find the nearest location, and be sure to use it every single day), and headed straight to the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at the South Point Hotel.  We were thrilled to be apart of the voting process and loved seeing the induction class of 2016 welcomed into the Off-Road Motorsport Hall of Fame.




After a lovely evening, we woke up early, jumped on the Las Vegas Monorail and headed straight to the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show to set up our “All Things Plaid” picnic display in Omix-ADA’s 1949 Will’s (VJ) Jeepster in the Off-Road Success Center.  This vehicle was featured by MSN as one of the “Gorgeous Classic Trucks” from SEMA.  We were thrilled to be a part of making living history at this year’s 50th anniversary of the SEMA Show.



After spending some time at the show, Brittany and I stopped by Towbin Prestige Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram.  We were blown away by their exceptional customer service, outstanding communication, and attention to detail.  There is a reason that Prestige Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram is rated as the #1 dealership in Las Vegas!  They have a wonderful and vast selection of vehicles!  When you walk in the show room, you will think you are the best candy store!  Brightly colored balloons dangle from the ceiling, and the brightly colored Jeeps parked both inside and outside will be sure to catch your eye!



We had the opportunity to check out a 2016 Granite Crystal Metallic Jeep Renegade Limited.  We love the size of the Renegade.  It’s simply perfect for the two of us!  It has great on-road handling, plenty of room for all of our travel gear, and lots of outlets for our tech devices.

We had such a fun time in the Jeep Renegade!  Our first stop was back to the strip where we met up with some friends to check out “50 Shades! The Parody” at Bally’s.  The show is an entertaining spoof of “Fifty Shades of Grey” exploring the relationship between characters Christian and Anastasia through the lens of a book club meeting.  You and your friends are bound to laugh together through this fun experience!

After our show, we jumped right back on the Monorail and headed straight to our hotel.  We found the Las Vegas Monorail to be the best way to cruise the strip and visit the SEMA Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  The trains come every 4-8 minutes and get you to where you need to be in a matter of minutes.  The Las Vegas Monorail is much more efficient than sitting in traffic and waiting for a cab. Depending on the length of your trip, we recommend the multi-day passes which allows you unlimited rides.


If you want to know more about our Las Vegas adventure, shoot us a comment below. We would be happy to create a personalized itinerary according to your needs, so that you can have absolutely perfect days. Check out some of the entertainment that we reviewed while in Las Vegas as well. You can read our Ultimate Guide to the Strip here.

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