Ashley’s Favorite Things: Jules Reid

Fun Resort Wear Attire to Wear at Your Next Pool Party

I am so excited that I recently discovered Jules Reid clothing!  Her
apparel is so chic and stylish.  The styles are bold, the patterns are
bright, and the materials are all very nice!
There’s definitely a transformation that happens when you put on a
piece of clothing by Jules Reid.  It’s like the clothes have a
personality of their own, and then you find matching accessories and
get in an atmosphere that fits the scene.

Life of The Pool Party with Jules Reid

JR 7


I picked out the Parisienne in Fushia Floral, I love the pattern and
the long gown style dresses right now.  It’s a classy and elegant
dress that’s perfect for any type of summer party or event.  You will
be the Queen of the party in this dress!  People will be asking you
where they can buy your dress and want to know what big event you are
heading to next.
JR 30


I love The Long Beatrice in Orange Kiwi print.  It’s like nothing else
I have ever seen.  When I put it on, I feel like I’m the hostess of
the pool party!  It has such an elegance to it, with its long length.
It has a statement of, “I don’t take myself too seriously, but I
always want to stand out and be amazing!”


Rompers are great to wear in the Summer.  I love that they are one
piece and so easy to throw on and perfect for every occasion.  You can
run around and be ready for everything that is thrown your way.  I
picked out the Rosie Romper in Round@Blue.  The pattern is
eye-catching and vibrant!  Everyone will want to be your friend in
this fun romper!  It has an approachable and friendly vibe!
JR 0


My favorite pieces from the collection are The Beatle Dress in
Multicolor Ikat and the headscarf.  Hair accessories really dress up
an outfit, and Jules Reid makes a fabulous headwrap!  The  Ikat print
of The Beatle Dress is like a painting! The dress fits really well and
can easily transition from being at the ultimate pool party to an
evening out.  In this outfit, people will find you fun, outgoing, and
We’re really excited to go to our next pool party with Jules Reid!

Jules shares some of her favorite things with us:

1.) What’s your favorite vacation destination?
My favorite vacation destination is Sardinia, the island off of Italy.
I had the chance to go there for a week this summer, and it was truly amazing.
The southern part of the island is called the Emerald Coast. The water and the rolling hills are truly
2.) Do you prefer: road trip, plane or train?
Plane trip
3.) Who are your favorite travel companions?
I love to travel alone, believe it or not.
But when I do travel with a companion…it would be with 1 of my 3 sons. ( not all together!) or with my best girlfriend.
4.) If someone inspired your success in the fashion industry, who would it be and why?
My inspiration goes directly back to Emilio Pucci in the 60’s.
5.) I always have… in my purse?
My GUCCI wallet, 3 shades of lipstick, my Petales Chantecaille perfume, my PEACE sign key chain by Edie Parker, dental floss, band-aids, and some cash. ( hopefully)
6.) Where’s your favorite place to go for inspiration?
I get A LOT of inspiration in Palm Beach. My other go to spot for inspiration is Tulum, Mexico.
7.) What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened to you?
The craziest thing that has ever happened to me is believing that you can meet and know a man for only 3 months, and decide to get married. It has been a life lesson that affects me daily.
8.) What are your favorite words of advice?
Do No Harm~ the Dahli Lama
Well behaved women rarely make history ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
Shine like the whole universe is yours ~ Rumi
9.) Anything you’d like to add?
Yoga has been my salvation, color adds happiness to every day, EVERYone deserves a fighting chance.
Special thank you to the fabulous Jules Reid for working with us on this post.
All apparel C/O Jules Reid

Behind-The-Scenes with Debra Shirley

We had the opportunity to meet the very talented and creative Debra
Shirley at our first Oak Brook Polo match of the season!

Her hats and fascinators are not only fun and stylish, but very
beautiful and transformative!  She continues us to inspire us to think outside the box, dream big, and just do it! She has amazing energy and can turn anything into a beautiful creation!


We are so excited to share a few of Debra’s favorite things:

BEHIND-THE-SCENES with Debra Shirley

FAVORITE PLACE TO RELAX: The Alfred Caldwell Lilly Pool in Chicago.
It’s nearly a hidden spot in back of the Lincoln Park Zoo. I find it
to be such a tranquil place where if you sit still for a while, you
may have a magical encounter with a dragonfly, or with one of the many
other creatures that live there.

FAVORITE ACCESSORY: My pink, cropped jean jacket with a soulful
woman’s face on it. The beautiful face is made out of leather pieces.
When I was a teen I found this amazing leather jacket in a vintage
store from the 1960’s that had this woman’s face on the back. It cost
$5. It was a very small size that did not fit me but it was the most
incredible garment that I had ever seen, so I snatched it up! It sat
on the back of my desk chair as display only, until one day when it
occurred to me that I could un-stitch the lady and sew it onto a
jacket that did fit me! I first put her on a baby blue jean jacket
that I cropped, she’s also been on a plum jacket, and now she has
returned to her original pink and here she will stay.

FAVORITE TRAVEL COMPANION: Steven Fonti a story board artist in
animation. He’s my best friend and confidant. We have traveled across
the United States several times in a 1986 Pontiac Fiero.

Love of hats at the age of 10, when I borrowed a book on her from the
library. She was so stunningly beautiful in all the  hats that she
wore that I think she seared my 10 year old brain into linking beauty
with hat wearing.

I ALWAYS HAVE…AT MY DESK: A tattered pin cushion, and a pair of purple
hologram scissors.

FAVORITE PLACE TO GO FOR INSPIRATION: My local thrift store. I’m often
inspired by color combinations on an article of clothing or a piece of
jewelry. Often times  I restyle and repurpose pieces as I want them to
have new life on a hat.

FAVORITE WORDS OF ADVICE: Where given to me by Raymond Hudd a renowned
Chicago Milliner who’s career spanned from the 1950’s to the early
2000’s. He was known as the Mad Hatter of The Midwest. When I was a
Millinery student I brought him four of my hats designs to see what he
thought of my workmanship. He looked at the four hats and said.
“They’re good, now make forty”.

my Mother, Mary.  She passed away 16 years ago, but I would Love to
thank her for all of her hard work, struggles and sacrifices raising
me alone as a single parent.

FAVORITE PLACE FOR VACATION: Los Angeles. It’s urban, but a stones
throw from the beach or mountains. I always feel like anything is
possible when I am there.

past curfew with my best friend Linda in downtown Chicago.  We noticed
a movie was being filmed and we stopped to watch. It was a car crash
scene with a young good looking actor about our age. We watched them
film the scene many times where the good looking actor gets out of the
car to access the damage. During a break, the young actor came
sprinting up to us and says to me “I like your hair, I think it’s
really cool” ( An important note to mention is that my teenage self
had very tall, “Punk” spiked hair ). This was the best looking guy
that I’d seen in my 15 years on the planet, and he’s giving -me- a
compliment. The actor, by the way was the late River Phoenix. Later we
ended up chatting with him and one of the other actors from the movie.
A Night In The Life of Jimmy Reardon. They thought that we were cool
because we were regular teenagers and we thought that they were cool
because they were actors. At one point I asked River if I could have
his autograph, he replayed “Sure, can I have yours”? I was trembling
with nerves but I wrote my name (and my phone number) down and stuck
it in his pocket! In retrospect I wish I would have put it in his
hand, I’ll never know if he realized that I put it in the pocket of
the costume that he was wearing.
This was a tremendous experience for me that reinforced that looking
different can be a great thing.

SONG YOU CAN LISTEN TO ON REPEAT: Cabaret by Liza Minnelli. I like to
turn it up loudly and belt it out in unison with Liza. It feels great
and satisfies my theatrical side.

BEST PART ABOUT MAKING A HAT: To watch it evolve past my own
imaginings. I may have a general idea or silhouette in mind when I
start a piece, but the fabric and details always tell me what they
want to do. I have learned over the years to listen.

There is an amazing quote from Marianne Williamson that inspires me…

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear
is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our
darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be
brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to
be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the
world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other
people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as
children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is
within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we
let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission
to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence
automatically liberates others”.

When I wear a hat, I feel my most beautiful, my most confident, and I
want other women to feel the same way.

DEBRA SHIRLEY can be found:


Things We Love: Confused Girl

Intelligent Leggings en route to the gym

Recently, I was walking out of our gym, Lifetime Fitness, and Celeste,
one of our yoga instructors had the cutest yoga pants on!  “I said,
those are beautiful, who makes them?”

She said, “They are by Confused Girl, they are based in LA! You should
look them up!”

Ashley wearing the Serenity Leggings during spin class

Being the Capricorn that I am, I instantly looked them up, and
contacted founder, Giovanna Silvestre directly.

Giovanna has such an amazing story and is so quick, efficient, and responsive!

Her brand started four years ago as a blog, but everything changed
when a healer gave her two crystals.  Every time she would walk past
them, she felt a sense of joy!  It was during one of her meditations
that she actually saw a vision of making an active apparel line and
incorporating the crystals.  The best part is, she did not know how to
start this project, but found a way to make it happen!

Photo Courtesy of Giovanna Silvestre

Fast forward two years, and Giovanna has created a really neat brand
based on the unique patterns of the different healing crystals.

Intelligent Leggings in yoga class

We have the Serenity Leggings, with the fold over waist, that come
from the Turquoise stone.  It is a stone of purification which
benefits the overall mood.

Brittany testing out the Serenity Leggings on the balancing swing

We also have the Intelligent Leggings that
come from the Agate Motley crystal.   This good luck stone enhances
creativity! We love how we feel in our Confused Girl leggings!  They
fit and feel great, and we love the different patterns.  We’ve gotten so many compliments on them!

Ashley showing off her Intelligent Leggings before barbell class

Our absolute favorite part about Confused Girl is Giovanna’s story and
the idea that it is so important to just be yourself!  Don’t worry
about what others think, just follow the path in front of you!  We are
all on different missions!

Photo Courtesy of Giovanna Silvestre


1.) Where’s your favorite place to go to relax?
I relax most doing yoga by the beach. I’m a beach girl. There is
something about the water that completely calms me.

2.) Favorite accessory?
My amethyst crystal bracelets.

3.) Who are your favorite travel companions?
My gratitude journey, mala beads and iphone. I love traveling alone. I
meet so many people and always feel brave for doing it. I like getting
myself out of my comfort zone.

4.) If someone inspired your success in the fashion industry, who
would it be and why?
Coco Channel! She was a fearless woman that built an empire from
nothing in the mist of two world wars during a time when women were
expected to be wives and mothers. She also made clothes women could
move freely in.  Remember, this was a time of skin sucking corsets.

5.) I always have…at my desk:
Espresso and flowers

6.) Where’s your favorite place to go for inspiration?
The beach. The water soothes my soul and allows the creative energy to flow.

7.) What are your favorite words of advice?
Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

8.) If you could have dinner with anyone (past or present), who would
it be?
Oprah, Cleopatra or Princess Diana

9.) Where’s your favorite place to go on vacation?
I would say the Amalfi Coast in Italy because that is were my family
is from but I have a world to see still.

10.) What’s the best part about making apparel?
Creative freedom. I do make what I want to make.

Intelligent Leggings and Serenity Leggings c/o Confused Girl

Ashley’s Favorite Things: August Morgan

We love the stylish flair that Kate Hersch has added to such classic
and timeless pieces with her August Morgan apparel line.  Brittany
picked out the Greyhound in Pink & White.  It’s an elegant shirt dress
with the cutest ties on the sleeves.  We love it as a pool cover up or
an everyday dress.  It is lightweight and a perfect staple to our
summer wardrobe.
I picked out the Shany dress.  I love the full sleeves and the length
of it!  These items are practical and perfect for the gal that is
always on the go, but doesn’t want to compromise her style!
We also love the cloth coasters.  They’re so cute and fun!
We are constantly inspired by the Kate Hersch of August Morgan!
Here she shares some of her favorite things with us:
1.) Where’s your favorite place to go to relax? in Austin. I love a weekend lunch with
oysters, wine, and perhaps caviar!

2.) Favorite accessory?
Vintage Native American jewelry

3.) Who are your favorite travel companions?
My family!  We love a beach and we love to eat!

4.) If someone inspired your success in the fashion industry, who
would it be and why?
Lilly Pulitzer.  She started with a basic idea; a shift dress and her
idea turned into phenomenon.

5.) I always have… in my car:
Unsweetened iced tea

6.) Where’s your favorite place to go for inspiration?
Mexico.  So much history, beauty and art.

7.) What are your favorite words of advice?
Don’t give hoot about what others think about you!

8.) If you could have dinner with anyone (past or present), who would
it be and why?
Diana Vreeland.  Such vision!

9.) Where’s your favorite place to go on vacation?
Bridgehampton, NY

10.) What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened to you?
Not fit for print!

11.) What song can you listen to on repeat?
Whiskey River by Willie Nelson

Shandy Dress and Greyhound Dress C/O August Morgan.  Headbands C/O France Luxe.

Things We Love: Elizabeth McKay & Brunch at T. Cook’s

Treat Every Day Like You’re on Vacation

There’s nothing like spending the warm Summer days in resort
wear.  In Arizona, the summers are very warm, but to get
through the hot days, you just need to treat every day like a vacation!
Drink lots of ice tea, make fancy drinks, and spend time near the

Ashley wearing The Alexia Shirt Dress in OAR

Brittany and I have realized that light, quick dry, and stylish
apparel that is for both the Summer heat and brunch is the
best way to go.

Brunch at T. Cook’s wearing Elizabeth McKay

After doing some style hunting, we’ve found that Elizabeth McKay makes
a variety of dresses that are perfect for every occasion. For brunch,
Brittany wore The Elizabeth Tunic Dress and I wore The Alexia Shirt
Dress.  We loved that these two dresses don’t wrinkle, they are
lightweight and really easy to wear!

Ashley in the Alexia Shirt Dress in OAR

 Resort Wear

We also picked out the Scotland Dresses in two different patterns.
Brittany picked out the Navy White Elephant patterned dress and I
picked out the blue and green patterned dress.  We love the way that
these dresses look.  Collectively, it’s one of our all time favorite
styles!  Elizabeth McKay makes this dress in a variety of patterns!
I’d like to have one in each pattern!  This is easily a dress I could
wear every single day. The ruffled collar and wrap dress combination
are perfect!  The dress has pockets and it even comes with two
different belts.  I put the belt with gold buttons on the dress and
tied the matching wrap belt in my hair like a headband.  I’m
constantly looking for headbands to match my dress, so this is

Brittany wearing The Scotland Dress in Navy with White Elephants

In an effort to vacation in our resort wear attire, we spent the
day at The Royal Palms Resort in Scottsdale.  The property is one of
The Historic Hotels of America, and is conveniently located near The
Biltmore Mall and Scottsdale’s Fashion Square Mall.  We headed to
T.Cook’s Restaurant inside The Royal Palms Resort for a mid-morning
brunch.  The Spanish style decor inside the restaurant is not only
beautiful but very inviting and charming.

Ashley wearing The Scotland Dress in Salute with one of the two matching belts tied like a headband

We started our brunch with red and white sangria, Brittany had the
white and I had the red.  It was so refreshing to have such cool and
delicious drinks on such a hot Summer day.  As we sipped our drinks
and looked over the menu, our fabulous waiter brought us pesto and
bread.  I ordered the Huevos Rancheros and Brittany ordered the Flat
Iron Steak.  Both items were wonderful and very nice sized portions.
For dessert, we shared the Mocha Valencia Torte and we each had Illy
cappuccino.  We absolutely loved the atmosphere at T. Cook’s
Restaurant. The staff is phenomenal, the food is great, and the entire
experience was really fun!

Brittany wearing The Elizabeth Tunic Dress in Pearls

We can not wait to come back later this Fall for their traditional Sunday Brunch buffet.
Special thank you to T. Cook’s for the fabulous brunch experience.
Dresses c/o Elizabeth McKay

Ashley’s Favorite Things: France Luxe (L. Erickson)

The perfect headband always has a bow!

Hats, fascinators, hair clips, hair combs, headbands, and any other
type of hair accessory is always one of my favorite things to buy! I
always gravitate to big statement items with sparkles and giant bows.
I recently was talking to Brittany about my love of hair accessories,
and I said they are always so pretty, and they easily make an outfit
look that much better.  Pants are always hard to buy, but if you
stick to buying hair accessories, you will always have something
pretty to look at!
Since 2007 when one of my college roommates introduced me to the show
Gossip Girl, I’ve created an extensive headband collection.  I’m
always looking for the best bows, most comfortable and most stylish

Accessorizing with France Luxe

Some of my favorites are my L. Erickson headbands by France Luxe.
Their amazing bows are custom-made.  All of their headbands are
really comfortable to wear and every time I wear one, someone stops to
ask where it is from.
I recently discovered their earrings.  All of the France Luxe
accessories are timeless and classic.  They make so many
types of accessories!  From hair bands to hair clips and earrings,
they’ve got the accessory department covered, especially at our house!
Accessories shown C/O France Luxe  Dresses C/O August Morgan
-Double Loop Bow Headband- Silk Dupioni Color: Dandelion
-Two Tier Bow Headband-Silk Charmeusa Shades of Fall Color: Navy
-Flower Bomb Earrings Color: Tokyo/Gold
-Two Tine Knotted Bow Headwrap- Silk Dupioni

Ashley’s Favorite Things: Julie Brown

I have always been a fan of Julie Brown Designs!  I guess you could
call me a Julie Brown Girl!
For our recent road trip to Las Vegas, Brittany picked out a Julie
Brown Romper for me, and I fell in love with it!  It was so easy to
travel in, and I found so many uses for the matching belt.  When we
went to the Seven Magic Mountains outside of Las Vegas, the wind and
dust were so strong, that I tied the belt on my head like a headband.
When we went out to dinner, my new-found headband became a bow around
my neck, sort of like a scarf.  I love when an outfit can transition
with my mood and personality!  (Anytime there is a removable belt, I
find more uses for it!  It usually ends up in my hair.)
Las Vegas 1Seven Magic Mountains
I love the romper so much that I just picked out the new Annabel
Romper!  The pattern is fun and bright!  (My two favorite things).  I
wish more designers made apparel like this.  It’s literally like
wearing a romper and a swimsuit at the same time.  What I mean by
this, is that it fits really well, but the materials are perfect for
really hot days.  I put the romper on at the gym the other day, and
the National Nutritionist at Lifetime Fitness loved it!  It’s such a
funny story because when I showed her the Julie Brown tag, she was
shocked because her name is also “Julie Brown.”  It’s always funny how
things work like that.  She will now forever be a Julie Brown Girl.
Brittany picked out the Scarlett Dress.  It is so beautiful! I’m glad
that it fits both of us!  I just recently got interested in long gown
dresses, and this is one of my favorites!  It’s perfect for a Summer
wedding or event!  It’s simply classic and stunning!
 Annabel Romper and Scarlett Dress C/O  Julie Brown .

Ashley’s Favorite Things: Deva Curl

Finding the Perfect Curls with DevaCurl

Best of CO Vail
Finding the perfect curl routine is always an evolution.  When I was
very young, we use to travel to LA to visit our aunt, and one of my
“must have travel essentials” was a spray bottle and a comb.  I would
use a spray bottle filled with water to flatten my curls.  My mom said
I would have comb marks on my forehead trying to get rid of the curls.
After grade school, on Friday evenings, our friends would spend the
time to straighten my hair.
I started to embrace my curls in high school when Brittany’s friend
Vanessa Diaz had me over one Friday night, (Brittany had to work) and
showed me how to style my curls.  I have loved my curls ever since!
T&C 10
When I saw that Nordstrom was carrying DevaCurl, I started to
investigate and all the girls that I found using DevaCurl had
amazing curls, so I decided to try the magic myself!
My DevaCurl Routine:
1.)    Wash with NO-POO ORIGINAL
2.)    Condition with ONE CONDITION ORIGINAL
3.)    Brush hair when wet in the shower
4.)    Dime size amount of B’LEAVE-IN
5.)    Quarter size amount of ULTRA DEFINING GEL
6.)    Diffuse roots with DEVADRYER and DEVAFUSER
7.)    Touch up frizzy curls with BEAUTIFUL MESS
DevaCurl has so many products to try! Their products are
100% sulfate, paraben, and silicone free. I love how soft and defined
my curls feel with DevaCurl.  It’s such an easy process that makes a
big difference!
Products C/O DevaCurl

Fred & Red’s Adventures: Attending A Summer Wedding

Life is a party, don’t be afraid to dress for it!


When Fred and I planned out our outfits for a recent Summer Wedding we
attended, we had a few ideas that we wanted to incorporate, so we
thought we’d share them with you!
Fred: (envisioned a James Bond look)
Ashley: (loves flat shoes, hats, fascinators, and bright colors)

Cowboy Theme Night:

Fred was really excited about this one!  He loves a good pair of
cowboy boots!  I picked out Horse Power by Anderson Bean.  Fred’s were
Blue Leather Cowboy Boots Bullfrog.  They are in a beautiful chestnut
brown  color leather.  The top of his boots are really pretty with a
blue top.  He typically wears a size 10, but the boots that arrived
were a 10.5, and they ended up fitting him perfectly!
He wanted to wear black jeans, and he let me pick out his shirt.
(Luckily he ironed both of them).  Both of the options he gave me had
pearl buttons.  I picked out his denim shirt, which complemented his
boots nicely.
As I love bright colors, I chose Macie Bean Lefty’s Pancho Boots. I
wear a 9.5, and love how these boots fit in my true size. I also
picked out the Colusa Dress by Trina Turk which I wore with one of my
favorite blue jasper necklaces.
Best of CO 10 Macie Bean Boots

My Macie Bean Boots!

Wedding Day:

Fred was channeling his inner James Bond.  With the amount of
traveling he does, he doesn’t always have time to run around to find
the perfect outfit.  I found Stitch & Tie by Friar Tux Shop online and
it looked like the perfect fit for our upcoming event.
You start by:
1.)    Entering your event date (no later than 14 days before your event)
2.)    Selecting your preferred tux style (I picked out the Black Michael
Kors Notch Lapel Tuxedo)
3.)    Create a login with email and password
4.)    Enter measurements online, (height, weight, preferred fit (slim,
regular, roomier) pants size, shirt size, jacket size, shoe size)
5.)    Enter address and payment info
The Stitch & Tie box arrived to his house and everything was included
in the box!  (Coat, Pants, Shirt, Cuff Links, Vest, Bow Tie, Shoes,
Socks, and Pocket Square.)  The bow tie was even tied! Fred was so
impressed that all he needed was a white shirt and underwear!  Which
was my goal, because I wanted to make the experience as stress-free as
possible for him!
The Stitch & Tie fit guarantees that replacement pieces will be
shipped for free as long as you contact Stitch & Tie within 48 hours of
receiving your order.  Luckily everything fit him perfectly and he
looked absolutely stunning!  Everyone was so impressed with his
After the event, we followed the “Returning Your Order” 4 Easy Step
instructions, which were written so well!
1.)    Check pockets and remove all personal belongings.
2.)    Put garments back on their hangers and place the shoes at the
bottom of the garment bag.
3.)    Fold the garment bag in thirds and make sure the hangers are in
middle of the fold.  Slide the folded bag into the shipping bag.
Remove the mylar strip and seal the shipping bag.
4.)    Drop off the package with UPS no later than 48 hours after use.
The bag has a prepaid UPS shipping label.
We were more than impressed with the great customer service and the
ease of the process.  We were both a little nervous that he was going
to need to hem the pants, or something wouldn’t fit right, but
everything was perfect!
When I think of a summer wedding, I think of bright and fun!  Flowers
and fascinators!  Brittany and I went through her closet and she
picked out one of her beautiful Eliza J. floral dresses.  It was the
perfect color for my pink fascinator!  I wore my beige Cole Haan
shoes.  They are so comfortable and ready for everything.
Best of CO 91 Vail

Sunday Brunch:

I am such a fan of Trina Turk!  Her patterns are bold, bright, and
always fun!  I was so excited when I looked at the Mr. Turk suits.  We
picked out the Thurston Blazer in a navy paisley pattern!  I love the
quality of the Trina Turk products and how well they fit.  I think the
Mr. Turk jacket was a perfect touch with a white shirt.
I wanted a bold and bright color that complimented Fred’s Mr. Turk
jacket.  I picked out Brit’s coral colored Theory dresses.  After we
decided we were driving, I thought I would take another fascinator.  I
picked out an aqua one that I packed in bubble wrap.  Lately I’m on
the hunt for a nice hat box!
Best of CO 47 Vail
We hope we inspired you and made your search for the perfect
outfit fun and stress-free!  Remember, life is a party, don’t be
afraid to dress for it!
 Special thanks to Stitch & Tie,  Trina Turk and Mr. Turk for collaborating with us on this project!
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Brunch & Oak Brook Polo

Best Kept Secrets of the Suburbs!

Although we love Chicago, Brittany and I grew up in the
suburbs, and it will always have that sense of “home” for us!  We love
the ease of parking and all that the suburbs have to offer! We’ve
found that there are some secret places to visit, but we’re here to
share all of our secrets with you!

Photo courtesy: Tom Reinarcher

 Sunday Brunch at The Clubhouse in Oak Brook

Sunday Brunch:
10 AM-2 PM
Adults: $33.95
Children 6-12: $13
Children under 5: Free
Drink Specials:
Champagne & Mimosa: $4
Champagne Cocktails: $5
Blood Mary’s: $6
There are so many options to choose from!  We started with the Egg
Benedict and then headed to the made-to-order omelet section!  If
you’re lucky, Omar will flip your omelet in slow-motion for you!  The
omelets were incredible!  Omar filled it with lots of cheese, and it
tasted really good!  I also tried the prime rib from the carving
station (turkey also).
After that, we tried the crab legs, oysters, and shrimp from the
seafood section.  Brittany and I also tried the mac & cheese, chicken
tenders, and PB&J tea party sized sandwiches!
They also had chicken parmesan, Chicken Piccata, a few different
pasta, and a large cold salad section.
After we tried a variety of amazing things, we sampled the Crème
Brulee (it’s out of this world!)  and chocolate mousse cake with a cup
of Lavazza coffee (which is also included in the brunch price).
Before we left, we dipped strawberries, marshmallows, and Rice Krispy
treats into the chocolate fountain!
I wish I was able to sample everything!  But we will just have to go
back and visit again!
We even joined the Clubhouse Valued  Member program!  There’s really no
reason not to join!  It cost $20, but  your Clubhouse Rewards Card is loaded with
 $25.  (So you get a bonus $5 just by signing up).
The real bonus is that twice a year, (your birthday month, and the
anniversary month when you opened the card) you get $50 off when you
spend $75.  Also, Sunday is double point day, meaning you get 2 points
for every $1 you spend.
It’s worth it alone if you visit again during your birthday month,
and take a friend to Sunday Brunch!
We had such a fun time at brunch!  The food was so good, and the
service was wonderful!  Every time we left our table, our waiter Frank
would give us new napkins!  We could not be more satisfied with the
experience, so much that we are planning on when we can go again!
The second Clubhouse Restaurant opened about 8 months
ago in Schaumburg, IL.  We have yet to visit, although they also offer
the fabulous Sunday Brunch!

Attend a Match at Oak Brook Polo Club

Brittany went to her first match in 1986, when Prince Charles came to
Oak Brook to play polo!
It has really been a family tradition ever since!  Our mom loved going
to the matches, and she reminded us when we came back to town!  She
said, “There’s polo this Sunday!”
Luckily I’ve been collecting a variety of fascinators over the last few months!
Polo is such a fun way to spend Sunday afternoon.  It’s a fun and
relaxed environment, where you  get dressed up,
meet new people, and watch this really fun and fast paced game on
Announcer Rob Wilkinson likes to describe polo as “hockey on
horseback”!  It’s a blast to watch!  These players
maneuver their horses and do quick stops and turns and hit the ball
all at the same time!  We’re super impressed with their ability to
For more of our polo experience, check out our fun interview series on
Instagram @TheJeepGirls
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