Ashley’s Favorite Things: Julie Brown

I have always been a fan of Julie Brown Designs!  I guess you could
call me a Julie Brown Girl!
For our recent road trip to Las Vegas, Brittany picked out a Julie
Brown Romper for me, and I fell in love with it!  It was so easy to
travel in, and I found so many uses for the matching belt.  When we
went to the Seven Magic Mountains outside of Las Vegas, the wind and
dust were so strong, that I tied the belt on my head like a headband.
When we went out to dinner, my new-found headband became a bow around
my neck, sort of like a scarf.  I love when an outfit can transition
with my mood and personality!  (Anytime there is a removable belt, I
find more uses for it!  It usually ends up in my hair.)
Las Vegas 1Seven Magic Mountains
I love the romper so much that I just picked out the new Annabel
Romper!  The pattern is fun and bright!  (My two favorite things).  I
wish more designers made apparel like this.  It’s literally like
wearing a romper and a swimsuit at the same time.  What I mean by
this, is that it fits really well, but the materials are perfect for
really hot days.  I put the romper on at the gym the other day, and
the National Nutritionist at Lifetime Fitness loved it!  It’s such a
funny story because when I showed her the Julie Brown tag, she was
shocked because her name is also “Julie Brown.”  It’s always funny how
things work like that.  She will now forever be a Julie Brown Girl.
Brittany picked out the Scarlett Dress.  It is so beautiful! I’m glad
that it fits both of us!  I just recently got interested in long gown
dresses, and this is one of my favorites!  It’s perfect for a Summer
wedding or event!  It’s simply classic and stunning!
 Annabel Romper and Scarlett Dress C/O  Julie Brown .


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