Ashley’s Favorite Things: France Luxe (L. Erickson)

The perfect headband always has a bow!

Hats, fascinators, hair clips, hair combs, headbands, and any other
type of hair accessory is always one of my favorite things to buy! I
always gravitate to big statement items with sparkles and giant bows.
I recently was talking to Brittany about my love of hair accessories,
and I said they are always so pretty, and they easily make an outfit
look that much better.  Pants are always hard to buy, but if you
stick to buying hair accessories, you will always have something
pretty to look at!
Since 2007 when one of my college roommates introduced me to the show
Gossip Girl, I’ve created an extensive headband collection.  I’m
always looking for the best bows, most comfortable and most stylish

Accessorizing with France Luxe

Some of my favorites are my L. Erickson headbands by France Luxe.
Their amazing bows are custom-made.  All of their headbands are
really comfortable to wear and every time I wear one, someone stops to
ask where it is from.
I recently discovered their earrings.  All of the France Luxe
accessories are timeless and classic.  They make so many
types of accessories!  From hair bands to hair clips and earrings,
they’ve got the accessory department covered, especially at our house!
Accessories shown C/O France Luxe  Dresses C/O August Morgan
-Double Loop Bow Headband- Silk Dupioni Color: Dandelion
-Two Tier Bow Headband-Silk Charmeusa Shades of Fall Color: Navy
-Flower Bomb Earrings Color: Tokyo/Gold
-Two Tine Knotted Bow Headwrap- Silk Dupioni

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