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Finding the Perfect Curls with DevaCurl

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Finding the perfect curl routine is always an evolution.  When I was
very young, we use to travel to LA to visit our aunt, and one of my
“must have travel essentials” was a spray bottle and a comb.  I would
use a spray bottle filled with water to flatten my curls.  My mom said
I would have comb marks on my forehead trying to get rid of the curls.
After grade school, on Friday evenings, our friends would spend the
time to straighten my hair.
I started to embrace my curls in high school when Brittany’s friend
Vanessa Diaz had me over one Friday night, (Brittany had to work) and
showed me how to style my curls.  I have loved my curls ever since!
T&C 10
When I saw that Nordstrom was carrying DevaCurl, I started to
investigate and all the girls that I found using DevaCurl had
amazing curls, so I decided to try the magic myself!
My DevaCurl Routine:
1.)    Wash with NO-POO ORIGINAL
2.)    Condition with ONE CONDITION ORIGINAL
3.)    Brush hair when wet in the shower
4.)    Dime size amount of B’LEAVE-IN
5.)    Quarter size amount of ULTRA DEFINING GEL
6.)    Diffuse roots with DEVADRYER and DEVAFUSER
7.)    Touch up frizzy curls with BEAUTIFUL MESS
DevaCurl has so many products to try! Their products are
100% sulfate, paraben, and silicone free. I love how soft and defined
my curls feel with DevaCurl.  It’s such an easy process that makes a
big difference!
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